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Intelligent Details

Release Date: May 14, 2014

Year    :   May 14, 2014
By    :   United Atates of America
Genre    :   Automotive, Advertising
Time    :   5 min. / 4:25

Intelligent Details, a short documentary film commissioned by Bentley Motors, introduces Luc Donckerwolke, Director of Design, and SangYup Lee, Head of Exterior Design. Filmed in the Bentley Mulsanne in New York, Intelligent Details focuses on what inspires Luc and SangYup in their roles as design leaders for Bentley Motors. The film highlights the fusion of luxury, performance and technology within the Bentley Mulsanne and reveals the manner in which Intelligent Details was filmed, assembled and edited using the in-car connectivity and entertainment platform.

Intelligent Details

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Intelligent Details



This makes me more interested in the iPhone and iPad than the car itself. They didn't really show the technology of the Bently other than having laptops pop up in back of the front seats. The designers talked a lot about technology and design in the Bently, but they didn't really SHOW us the technology. What exactly does the Bently have to offer? They showed more of what the idevices are cable of, but not the Bently. Anyway, it's good to know that Apple's products are on this level


If anyone tries to tell me again that you can't produce quality content using mobile devices (smartphone and tablets) I'm going to slap them in the face and show them this video. Techies, be sure to watch the last 60 seconds for the behind the scenes footage of how they shot and edited this video.
While you and I won't be lugging around professional mechanical stabilizers, you can easily upload to YouTube and allow software stabilization post processing to remove any shakiness. It's awesome, free and it gets done automatically if you enable it.