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Scotland - Hebrides International Film Festival

The Festival presented an outstanding line-up of International and Scottish award winning environmental feature films, documentaries, and shorts with films such as Kiss the Water, More than Honey, Sand Wars, Promised Land, and Chasing Ice plus a children’s selection including the beautiful fairytale film Cinderella Moon and a collection of International shorts and animations.

The Festival had an environmental theme and aimed to inspire, entertain and inform audiences on international actions and issues around environmental change. The programmed films presented outstanding cinematography and location shooting, and they took us to some of the most beautiful and remote environments in the world with the intention of increasing our understanding of what is happening in our environment on a global scale today.

The HIFF is running a film competition featuring shorts shot entirely on any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, ipad, etc). This is an exciting opportunity to showcase young people's mobile film capabilities and the talent and creativity of young filmmakers.

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